LT (lactate threshold)

Lactate threshold

What is LT

When you're moving, the lactic acid is being formed in muscles. When it turns into lactate it hits the bloodstream, and then it is excreted from the body. The intensity level of training, above which the mechanisms for lactate neutralizing do not keep up with its production, is called lactate threshold, or anaerobic threshold (AnP). When intensity is above the LT level, the concentration of lactate in muscles and blood increases, muscles accumulate too much acid, and a feeling of muscle fatigue appears. Sports physiologists have discovered that at the LT level an athlete can train during an hour, but if this level is exceeded, the training time decreases dramatically.

LT of an athlete – is not a constant, it increases along with athlete's fitness level. That's why it is so important to know the current level of the athlete's LT and take it into account when planning the training process and constantly work on its increasing.

You should note that that different groups of muscles are involved when training in different sports and thus LT levels vary in intensity indicators for different sports.

In Staminity we have provided a possibility to indicate the current LT level for all intensity indicators in different sports.

As for the completed activity, we also show intensity in % of LT.

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