Privacy settings

Privacy settings

You can manage visibility of your personal data in privacy settings.

Important! Regardless of privacy settings:

  • Your last name, first name, photo and background image are visible to all service users.

In order to manage privacy settings go to Settings and select "Privacy settings" section:
Privacy settings

The following information categories with visibility manageable by the user are provided in privacy settings:

User profile: personal information
Information about yourself, sex, birthday, country and city, sports.

In case if you are a coach, then in order for your coach profile to be completed, you need to select "Everyone" attribute in this field. That is required for information about you to be displayed among coach search results.

Profile: summary statistics
Total distance and time spent for training by periods

Activity: general information (UPCOMING)
General actual data about your activities

Activity: detailed actual data (UPCOMING)
Detailed actual data for every activity

Activity: plan and actual info (UPCOMING)
Plan and actual data for every activity

You can also set to whom every information category is available:

  • Me and my coach. The minimum level of availability: information is available only to you and your coach. If you train in a club, then this information is also available to your club coach and club management.
  • Me, my coach and friends. (UPCOMING). In addition, information is available to your friends.
  • Everyone. Unlimited access to information.

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