Tariff Coach

"Coach" tariff plan

For whom

For a coach. The tariff includes all functions needed for remote work of one coach with athletes.

What is included in the tariff plan

  • Athetes' training diary;
  • Coach Dashboard;
  • Planning activities, competitions, and events;
  • Communication with athletes;
  • Detailed analysis of the completed activities;
  • Managing templates and activity categories;
  • Reports and analysis of the athletes' training process;
  • Season plans for athletes;
  • Training plans for working with groups of athletes.


The cost of the tariff is composed of:

  • subscription fee as per tariff in the amount of 300 RUB/month if paid monthly or 3000 RUB/year if paid annually. The subscription fee includes the right to train 1 athlete.
  • and payment for additional athletes - 210 RUB/month (7 RUB/day). Only the first 10 athletes are taken into account, with the rest the coach can work free of charge.

Thus, the total cost for a coach per month will be from 300 RUB/month (1 athlete) to 2200 RUB/month* (10 and more athletes).

Additionally, the coach can subscribe the athletes to the "Premium" at his own expense. In case if the "Premium" tariff is enabled by a coach special subscription terms apply - 210 RUB / month (7 RUB / day).

Terms of subscription

  • 1.In order to use the “Coach” tariff, the user needs to select the subscription fee calculation period (month or year) and pay the subscription fee for the selected period. Therewith, the period of validity of the “Coach” tariff is:

    • 1.1.In case of subscription to the tariff before the 15th day of the month - 1 month from the date of the subscription,
    • 1.2.In case of subscription to the tariff after the 15th day of the month - until the last day of the month following the month of the subscription.
  • 2.The calculation of the license fee according to the "Coach" tariff is performed on a daily basis and is reflected in the forming invoice. The user can control the amount of charges in his Account, in the “Settings” section - "Tariffs and invoices” - "Forming" invoice.

  • 3.The user receives an invoice at the end of the period of validity of the “Coach” tariff. In order to extend the validity period of the tariff, the invoice must be paid within 7 days.

    • 3.1 If the invoiced amount is zero, i.е. there are no additional charges for the previous period, the tariff is automatically prolonged until the end of the current month.
    • 3.2 If the invoiced amount is not zero, i.e. there are additional charges for the previous period, then it is needed to pay the invoice in order to prolong the tariff’s period of validity.
  • 4.If the invoice issued in accordance with clause 3 is not paid within 7 days:

    • The “Coach” tariff is to be disabled for the user. All “Premium” tariffs purchased by the user for the athletes are to be disabled too. The coach's connection with the athletes remains enabled for another 30 days.
    • A new invoice is to be issued for those 7 days that have passed since the day of the invoice issue.
  • 5.In case of re-subscription to the “Coach” tariff which was disabled for non-payment in accordance with clause 4, it is necessary to pay the debts on the previously issued invoices and subscribe again to the "Coach" tariff by paying the subscription fee for the selected period (1 month or 1 year).

  • 6.Starting from the second month, regardless of the date of the subscription to the tariff, the following settlement rules are applied:

    • Settlement period - a calendar month, from the 1st till the last day of the month;
    • Invoice date - the 1st day of the month.
  • 7.When the “Coach” tariff is used together with other tariffs, then all charges on all tariffs are included in the total invoice.

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