Tariff Premium

"Premium" tariff plan

For whom

For athletes who need a detailed analysis of their activities and a possibility to plan their own activities.
Also, it will be suitable for coaches who keep on training and create planned activities for themselves.

What is included in the tariff plan

All features of the "Basic" tariff plan +

  • Planning your activities
  • Detailed analysis of activities
  • Managing your templates and activity categories
  • Season planning and periodization
  • (UPCOMING) Premium reports


300 RUB / month if paid monthly
3000 RUB / year if paid annually.

Terms of subscription

  • In order to use the “Premium” tariff, the user needs to select the calculation period (month or year) and pay the invoice for the selected period..

  • If the “Premium” tariff is used without the “Coach” and “Club” tariffs, then the period of its validity coincides with the Paid period and is indicated in the invoice.

  • To prolong the tariff’s period of validity the user has to pay the invoice for a new period.

  • When the “Premium” tariff is used together with the “Coach” and/or “Club” tariffs, the license fee for the “Premium” tariff is included in the total invoice, which is made during the calendar month and issued on the 1st day of every month.

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