What is Staminity

What is Staminity

Staminity is a web and mobile application providing remote interaction between the coach and athletes, possibility to keep a training diary and analyse the training process.

It is created for athletes, coaches and clubs that specialize in triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and other cyclic sports.

  • For ahtletes we help to train online with a coach or independently in order to achieve the set goals in cyclic sports;
  • For coaches we help to work with athletes and reduce routine in planning, communications and analysis;
  • For clubs we help to organise collaborative work several coaches with athletes and manage a club.

Main features

  • Season planning. Periodization of training loads, mesocycles plan, control over the season plan execution:

  • Completed activities diary and plan from your coach in one calendar: Workout log in Staminity

  • Auto upload of completed activities and their comparison with the plan

  • Two types of activities: for whole activity and for every activity segment: Two types of activity plan in Staminity

  • Your own templates and categories of activities:

  • Compare planned and completed activity and chat with coach in every activity: Chat with coach in Staminity

  • Detailed analysis of each activity Activity analysis in Staminity

  • Analysis of activity completion by segments, in LT percents: Structured activity analysis in Staminity

  • Swim analysis: Staminity swim analysis

  • Reports and analytics for athletes and coaches:

  • Coach or club search: Coach search

Special features for coaches

  • Coach dashboard with week review for all athletes: Coach dashboard in Staminity

  • Mass actions in dashboard and calendar: copy paste activities in Staminity

  • Fast creation of activities with templates:

  • Set training zones and LT level for every sport and intensity indicator

  • Single and repeated events in training calendar important for training process (travel, diet, problem, supplements, rest day, sickness, etc): Events in training calendar in Staminity

  • Activity plan with images, rich text and video: Activity plan with video in Staminity

  • Athletes management

Special features for clubs

  • Club management: add and delete club members, assign club roles (coach, athlete, manager), assign coach to athletes Club management in Staminity

  • Club dashboard to review training process of all club athletes and control the coaches' work:
    Обзор выполнения тренировок клуба Staminity

  • Club templates and categories of activities Клубные шаблоны и категории тренировок в Staminity

Available from PC and mobile devices

Staminity for mobile

Need help?

If you have any questions about Staminity do not hesitate to contact us:

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