Training plans in Staminity. Plan types

Training plans in Staminity. Plan types

What is a training plan

Training plan is a set of planned activities and recommendations of a coach, which should be completed by an athlete in order to achieve the planned goals.

Training plan in Staminity

It is similar to the calendar with planned activities for one athlete but with several significant differences. Such plan can be:

  • created with or without fixed dates;
  • made dynamic, so that changes will be transferred to assigned athletes;
  • assigned to several athletes simultaneously;
  • published in the Training plan store for sale.

When a coach assigns a training plan to his athletes, all items from the plan (activities, events, and competitions) appear on their calendars.

Training plan operating principle

In Staminity there are several types of plans:

  • Plan with non-fixed dates;
  • Plan with fixed dates;
  • Dynamic plan.

Plan with non-fixed dates

Training plan with non-fixed dates is a multipurpose plan. A coach can apply it for different athletes on different dates.

Dates of items for the particular athlete are set when such plan is being assigned.

training plan not fixed dates

Such plan can be used:

  • as a typical plan for starting work with newbies;
  • as a universal author’s plan for preparing amateurs of approximately the same level for their first marathon, half-marathon, first run.
  • as a template of several weeks of activities, focused on certain skills development.

Plan with fixed dates

In the plan with fixed dates, a coach sets certain dates when creating plan items.
When assigning such plan to athletes, they will have activities on the same dates as in the plan.

training plan fixed dates

Such plan can be used:

  • as an author’s plan for preparing amateurs for a specific race (Moscow marathon, Berlin marathon);
  • for composing a training plan for a group of athletes.

Dynamic plan

Plan with fixed dates can additionally be made dynamic.
In dynamic plan, all changes are transferred to assigned athletes.

training plan dynamic dates

Such plan will come in handy:

  • for holding training camps. Group of athletes, participating in the camp, is assigned to such plan and each participant sees an actual schedule on his calendar. If for some reason there are changes in the schedule, organizers need to edit only one plan and changes will be transferred to all athletes;

  • for working with corporate running and triathlon team that train according to the same schedule. In this case, the coach works with one plan, and each team member sees actual schedule on his calendar.

  • for planning group activities. Clubs that hold group offline activities, can use dynamic plan for this purpose. In this case, each athlete will have both individual schedule and group offline activities on his calendar.

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