Version history

Staminity version history

v2.2.3 - 13.07.2018

Changes in Activity + bug fixes:

  • (new) Input form for simple activity has become easier and more understandable;
  • (new) In the chat with the trainer added support for images and external links;
  • (new) E-mail notifications for new comments now include comment text.
  • (fixed) Season planning: in some cases there was no updating of the plan for the season when making changes;
  • (fixed) Season planning: the training load chart in the Safari browser was displayed with black fill;
  • (fixed) Calendar: some workouts were not correctly displayed in the Safari browser;
  • (fixed) Training plans: fixed a bug with displaying the plan builder with dynamic dates in the Safari browser;
  • (fixed) Saving user zones: the change in the user zones was not saved if the LT value was reset to zero. Added a warning about this.

v2.2.1 - 24.06.2018

Training plans store:

  • (new) For a coach - possibility to sell training plans in Staminity:
    • publishing training plans in the Store, publishing plan updates;
    • registering as a plan Author;
    • setting bank cards for withdrawal;
    • withdrawing to a bank card.
  • (new) For an athlete - training according to a plan in Staminity:
    • purchasing/adding training plans, published in the Store;
    • assigning plans to required dates.

v2.1.18 - 29.04.2018

  • (new) A new indicator "Duration" is now being used in activities instead of "Moving duration".
  • (new) Service settings have been completely rewritten. Now they are more convenient for users and have two levels;
  • (new) The process of applying to the support service became much easier. Now you can write a message to the support service directly from the website main page and by clicking on the "Ask a question" button in the mobile app;
  • An order of athletes sorting has been changed. When sorting by First name, Last name the Last name is being used;
  • (fix) We have fixed a bug with competition stages sorting in case if one of the stages hasn't been completed;
  • (fix) We have fixed a bug with displaying series of segments when one of the series' segments has been removed.

v2.1.13 - 06.04.2018

We have added a possibility to merge planned and completed activities manually and improved the algorithm for automatic comparison of activities. Now you can manually:

  • (new) Split completed and planned activities;
  • (new) Split completed and planned activities of a competition stage;
  • (new) Merge completed and planned activities;
  • (new) Merge completed activities with a competition stage.

v2.1.12 - 28.03.2018

  • (new) Possibility to edit actual values in completed activities
  • (new) New view of activities
  • (new) New search for coaches and clubs
  • (new) New look for competitions in the calendar

v2.1.5 - 16.02.2018

An option of assigning athletes to training plans has been added. Training plans became a full-fledged tool that facilitates the work of a coach with groups of athletes in Staminity.

v2.1.1 - 01.02.2018

  • (new) Club templates and activity categories
  • (new) Templates and categories have been transferred to basic sports
  • (new) Copying templates

  • (fix) Has been fixed a bug because of which it was impossible to create activities for athletes after editing your settings,

  • (fix) Working with the calendar and training plans when a week starts with Sunday,

  • (fix) Bugs with editing user settings, that resulted in nulling of the time zone, day of the week, display language and measures system;

  • (fix) Copying activities between athletes right after adding new athlete;

  • (fix) Creating competitions in Season plans;

  • (fix) Displaying the removal of activities from the training plan

v2.1 - 15.01.2018

  • (new) Training plans creation
  • (new) Activities from a coach with rich text format, images and links to videos.
  • (new) New features of club profile and coach profile's layout
  • (new) Copying activities between athletes in the calendar
  • (fix) Setting planned values in a completed activity

v2.0 - 24.12.2017

  • (new) Season planning
  • (new) Competitions
  • (new) New design of the calendar
  • (new) Methodology

v1.4 - 15.11.2017

  • (new) Working with events

Event - an item with information about an event that is going to happen or has already happened and which is important for the training process. Examples: rest day, sickness, travel, diet, supplements, etc.
You can plan single and repeating events, daily, weekly, monthly events, etc. Learn more

v1.3 - 07.11.2017

  • (new) Notification settings, emailing notifications

  • (new) Exporting activities to external calendars Your training calendar is now available in Google calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and other apps that support external calendars in the iCal format. Learn more

v1.2 - 18.10.2017

  • (new) “Reports and analytics” section has been added. Interactive analytical reports on the training process are now available to all users

v1.1 - 13.09.2017

  • (new) Structured activities have been added Now you can create training tasks for separate segments.

v1.0.1#167 - 01.09.2017

(new) Working with templates
Detailed information on the subject you can find in this section: How to use activity templates

v1.0.0#007 - 21.08.2017

Beta-testing of Staminity has been completed and the first version of the application was issued

  • (new) User categories management: creating, editing, managing sorting order and visibility
  • (new) Club search
  • (new) Password reset
  • (new) Online updating available application functions when enabling/disabling tariffs, when changing roles in the club
  • (new) Online updating the list of athletes of the coach and of the club, when adding and removing athletes
  • (new) Tariffs and billing. Enabling tariff plans, viewing and paying invoices
  • (fix) Has been fixed a bug with manual input of the date of birth
  • (fix) The chart in the swimming activity didn't work in some cases
  • (fix) Changing password in Settings

v0.5.3.beta#137 - 22.07.2017

Mass operations with activities in the dashboard and in the calendar

v0.5.2.beta#090 - 11.07.2017

We have fixed bugs with Staminity operation in Safari

v0.5.2.beta#078 - 03.07.2017

(new) New mode for a coach: now you can plan activities for several athletes at once.

v0.5.1.beta#065 - 19.06.2017

  • (new) New dashboard for a coach and for a club manager.

v0.5.0.beta#030 - 29.05.2017

Public beta:

  • (new) Using Staminity on mobile devices
  • (new) Users search
  • (new) Calendar updates
  • (new) Copy/paste/drag and drop activities
  • (new) Online chat with a coach
  • (new) Updates in activity
  • (new) Dashboard for club managers
  • (new) Now Firefox and Safari browsers are supported
  • (fix) Fixed bugs with notifications
  • (fix) Fixed bugs arising in the chat with a coach
  • (fix) Fixed bugs with club members management

v0.0.1.beta#020 - 13.04.2017

  • (new) Automatic synchronization with Strava
  • (new) Coach dashboard on athletes
  • (new) Planning activities in % of the LT
  • (new) Planning intensity of an activity in % of the LT
  • (new) Chatting with a coach in activities
  • (new) Managing chart scale in activities
  • (new) New indicators: decoupling (pace)
  • (fix) Calculating grade for the selected part of the activity
  • (fix) Have been fixed limits of the HR zones according to Karvonen
  • (fix) Displaying activity starting time
  • (fix) Calculating % of completion for activities
  • (fix) Calculating indicators for the selected part of an activity

v0.0.1.beta#015 - 03.04.2017

  • (new) Training zones and LT

    • Setting LT level depending on intensity indicators and sports
    • Calculating training zones limits
    • Calculating intensity in % of the LT for each lap within an activity
    • Calculating time in zones during activity

v0.0.1.beta#014 - 28.03.2017

  • (new) Notifications.
  • (fix) Calendar optimization.

v0.0.1.beta#002 - 20.03.2017

  • (new) Analyzing indicators for any given part of the activity
  • (new) Displaying planned duration/distance in week summary in the calendar
  • (new) Displaying planned intensity of activities in the calendar
  • (fix) Displaying chart in the swimming activities
  • (fix) Calculating average pace during running activities
  • (fix) Calculating % of completion for activities where actual values have been set manually
  • (fix) Displaying errors when connecting to Garmin Connect and connection status

v0.0.1.beta#001 - 13.03.2017

  • Training calendar
  • Creating planned activities
  • Uploading activities from Garmin connect
  • Analyzing completed activities
  • Connecting athletes to a coach and to a club
  • Managing athletes of a coach
  • Managing club members

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