For a coach: Selling training plans

Selling training plans in Staminity

Staminity offers coaches and clubs a convenient platform for promoting and selling training plans in cyclic sports.

Training plan in Staminity is a set of planned activities and recommendations of a coach, which should be completed by an athlete in order to achieve the planned goals.

Extra income for a coach

Selling training plans in Staminity

All over the world training plans allow coaches to:

  1. earn extra income
  2. attract new clients

The target audience of a training plan and of a remote work with a coach partly overlap but still, they are focused on different groups of clients: the ones who are ready/can pay for a coach and the ones who can't/don't want to.

There are more athletes who use training plans than those who work with a coach online. The majority of these athletes are preparing for their first races in running or triathlon. It is a great opportunity for a coach to earn extra and offer his services.

By adding consultations or offline activities to your training plan, you receive a chance to get acquainted with your future clients and show your competences as a coach and motivator.

It is convenient for athletes

Staminity is a professional platform designed for supporting the training process. That's why unlike a plan presented on a paper, in a spreadsheet or in a file, it is much more convenient for athletes to train according to the plan in Staminity:

  • Training calendar is always at your disposal and you can access it both via desktop or via iOS and Android mobile apps. If needed, Staminity calendar can be integrated with Google calendar, Outlook, and other calendar apps.

  • Completed activities are automatically downloaded and compared with a plan;

  • The system evaluates the correctness of the activity's performance;

  • Detailed information on every completed activity as well as reports on the whole training process are available;

  • In order to work according to the plan, athletes don't need to enable a paid tariff, they can use Staminity app on the desktop and smartphones for free. The paid Premium tariff provides additional possibilities for analyzing activities.

Athletes calendarTraining calendar

Analysis of a completed activityAnalysis of a completed activity

It is easy to create a plan

You know the methods of athletes training and we make sure that working environment in Staminity is as comfortable as possible. In order to waste less time on planning:

  • Copy and paste repeating activities;

  • Copy activity from one plan and paste it into another;

  • Drag and drop activities to the required dates, copy when dragging;

  • Create activity in one click using a template.

Using training planTraining plan in the calendar

More information about training plan creation you can find in this article: Training plans management

No sales - no costs

You can create a training plan and publish it in the Store for free. Staminity earns on commissions received from each sale.

Сomparing cost of the training plan publication in Staminity and in TrainingPeaks:

Staminity TrainingPeaks
One-time payment (coach license) No $99
Monthly subscription fee No* $19 - $49
Service commissions set for the plan sales 30% 30%

*Note: in Staminity you don't need to buy the "Coach" tariff in order to publish a training plan in the Store and earn on sales.

If you are already offering your training plans to clients, then their copy in Staminity can beneficially supplement your portfolio.

Offer your clients a choice:

  • either use the plan as before, receiving it in a file or in a spreadsheet;
  • or receive the same plan in Staminity.

Simple and convenient selling process

You create and describe a plan and we take care of how to present it to clients.

Each plan has its own page in Staminity where potential customers can find all information they might need. Just look at the following examples:

Training plan page, example 1

Example 1

Training plan page, example 2

Example 2

The page is adapted for convenient use on smartphones.

The chart of training loads during each training week is calculated automatically.

Chart of training load in the plan

Samples from the training plan that would help an athlete to study the Author's approach to setting a training task

and samples of exercises description or other methodical information

Samples of activities within the plan

In order to promote sales and to make your plan notable, we recommend you to:

  1. Create plans designed for a specific race or goal. For example: "Marathon in 3 hours, week distance not more than 70 km", "My first half of IRONSTAR KAZAN 113", "10 km in 40 minutes during the Moscow marathon".

  2. Add extra services: consultations, offline activities, etc.

  3. Promote your plan on the Internet/social networks. Your plan is a separate page with its own web-address and you can promote it via your own channels of communication with clients.


What is the commission of Staminity?

Staminity commission is 30% of the plan's cost. And the rest 70% go to the plan Author's balance.

Who can sell plans?

  • Private individuals, residents of the Russian Federation,
  • Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, residents of the Russian Federation.

How to withdraw money made by selling plans?

  • Private individuals can transfer money to any bank card;
  • Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can transfer money to their settlement accounts.

What are the withdrawal terms?

Withdrawal is made for free if the amount of withdrawal is more than or equals 3000 RUB. If less, then the payment system commission is charged in the amount of 1,5%, min 60 RUB.

Can I publish free plans?


How to start selling plans?

1.Become a coach and fill in your coach profile. In order to do it:

  • Enable “Coach” tariff for a trial period. It is required for the “I am a coach” attribute to appear in the profile. If you don't plan to work with athletes in Staminity, you don't have to pay for the “Coach” tariff after the trial period.

2.Fill in your coach profile.

  • For private individuals - to fill in the plan Author profile and set the bank card for withdrawal;

  • For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs - to fill in the plan Author profile, fill in and sign the legal entity form and send it to Staminity via email.

Who pays taxes?

The plan purchase deal is concluded between the Author (private individual or legal entity) and the Buyer (private individual). Staminity doesn't participate as a party to the deal but only provides a platform enabling the Author and the Buyer to create a plan and work with it as well as informational and technical support of the cooperation between the Author and the Buyer.

Sellers, private individuals and legal entities, have to pay the required taxes and fees according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation on their own.

What are the requirements to a plan's Seller?

We want you to be successful and your plans to be popular. That's why we ask you to pay attention to:

  • Photos in the plan description. Check that you have the required rights to dispose of these photos.

  • Intellectual property. You guarantee that you have intellectual property rights, on the basis of which a plan has been created.
    We reserve the right to unpublish the plan and to prohibit its subsequent publication in the Store in case of receiving complaints of copyright infringement.

  • Plan description. The description has to be correct, true and correspond to the plan content and plan images, without any grammatical mistakes as well as coarse language.

How will I find out about the plan purchase and how is the sale process arranged?

You will receive information about the plan purchase via email and also you will see a relevant notification in your Account.

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